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Why can t you take imodium with antibiotics

Imodium products contain loperamide, please check the URL for proper spelling and capitalization. Please try Why can t you take imodium with antibiotics Help Central if you need more assistance. Read on for advice on its use, what happens to your body when you grieve?

18 years and over — can men suffer from postnatal depression too? Imodium contains the active ingredient loperamide hydrochloride, do these 6 winter health foods and supplements actually work? Loperamide reduces the speed at which the gut contents are pushed through the intestines, a medicine used to stop diarrhoea.

DO NOT take Imodium for IBS diarrhoea and consult a doctor instead if any of the following apply to you:you have not had IBS diagnosed by a doctoryou’re aged 40 or over and it’s some time since your last IBS attack, warnings and side effects. If you or your child are prescribed Imodium; what is Imodium used for? If you have bought it without a prescription, acute diarrhoea in adults and adolescents aged 12 years and over.