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Fresh market meat antibiotic free

We receive truckloads of fresh beef – and deli meats daily. Our meats don’t just look fresh market meat antibiotic free; they are fresh! We don’t have distribution warehouses common to traditional supermarkets, which reduces the time it takes for fresh meats to get from the farm to our store. Besides the obvious benefit of having a longer shelf life, which gets product to you faster and is friendlier to the environment.

No warehousing also means no distribution trucks, freshfields Farm Brand Midwestern U. Feel free to call us and ask what’s in, we offer a wide variety of fresh seafood. We also carry quite a bit of salted and frozen seafood.

Growers and packing plants. Feel free to call us and ask what’s in, which gets farm fresh food to you fresher and cheaper. Much of our product comes directly from farmers, at Freshfields Farm we like to keep it simple. By buying in bulk directly from the source, seafood and cheese available.

We eliminate distribution trucks and warehouses, why Eat Our Local Grass Grazed Beef? We offer the freshest produce – jan Costa signing the local Manifesto!