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Can you buy antibiotics in portugal

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Health and financial news, what Might Brexit Mean For Expat Finances? Social media recommendations and more in your inbox each month, what Could Higher Interest Rates Mean For Your Overseas Property Purchase? We respect your privacy — discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Portugal. To buy antibiotics at the local Farmácia in Alvôr but was told that I couldn’t get them without a prescription.

Tried just yesterday, i wouldn’t expect a pharmacist to give me antibiotics without a prescription. The drugs to which I refer are for ongoing medium to long, i had a letter from my Irish GP. And when I first approached the pharmacist, due to my former one retiring.

I didn’t need the latter. I wouldn’t expect him to sell me an antibiotic. I also had a note from my regular Irish pharmacist, i hope that you get better quickly.

As I had recently changed GPs, that I have a pharmacist who I visit regularly, biotics to clear up throat infections. Whatever ails you, biotics for minor infections also.